Youth teaching

The tennis school accommodates around 130 young people, from baby tennis to competition. There is something for all tastes, all ages and all levels.

Pedagogy, equipment and courts: everything is done to allow children to play from the first sessions. They have fun, work out and progress while exchanging the ball or trying to win points. They learn to analyze the situation, to adapt to different styles of play and to forge their own play. Children develop their physical and psychological qualities together: speed, endurance, concentration, agility, coordination, adaptation, skill, control self…

All our courses are taught by our professional qualified teachers helped by our assistant monitors (CQP AMT) or federal initiators (IF).

Baby tennis (3/4): 1 hour per week.

Mini tennis (5/6 years old): 1h hour per week.

Galaxie tennis (7-11 years old): options of 1 hour, 2:30 and 4 hours per week.

Teen club (12-18 years old): options of 1h, 2h30 and 4h per week.